Young Muslims UK Iftaar

The Young Muslims (Birmingham) have not held an iftaar for its members for a number of years due to the  late iftaar times. This year, the team thought that they would organise an iftaar to take advantage of an earlier iftaar time as well as the half term. Alhamdulillah, the 100 ticket event was sold out within a week! The programme began at 8.30pm with Brother Wahid giving a short reminder about the last 10 days of Ramadhan. This was followed by Iftaar and Salat-ul Maghrib. The meal then continued and the guests were invited to pray Salat-ul Isha and[…..]

An Incredible Space For Growth

ISB Campus has become an incredible space that is growing; with young people coming together from across the UK to discuss their faith in a friendly, dynamic and spiritual environment. They have held many successful events, including residentials, seminars, and hosting guest speakers. In addition to soon unveiling a new, contemporary and upbeat website, ISB Campus is using its strengths to create an online training platform. This will be for young people to learn through interactive teaching and gain the confidence and skills to be able to lead their own circles of learning and develop their own localities.  If you would[…..]

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We say: The lessons of Srebrenica should be taught and discussed in all schools.

What About Us?

A letter in the post from Eric Pickles