Tomorrow’s World

Buy your tickets here ISB Campus presents our next masterclass!!! Session 1: Meat consumption. How are animals reared by the meat industry? What makes meat wholesome and Halal? Ahtsham Ali Session 2: Ethical consumerism and the choices we make. Making the world a greener, fairer place. Zunaira Malik Session 3: The Muslim Contribution to Science Professor El-Gomati  


State of the Nation

Hope and Fear in Today’s Britain 13-15th July 2018 | ISB Campus Residential | Markfield ISB Campus is very excited to present our next ISB Campus residential for 17-26 year olds!!: “State of the Nation”. We are incredibly fortunate to have Rosie Carter from Hope not Hate, Imam Qari Asim MBE Imam at Makkah Mosque, Leeds and┬áJulie Siddiqi- Founder of Sadaqa Day, Co founder of Nisa-Nashim and Muslim Womens Network discussing aspects of: Is Britain becoming more open and tolerant? The rise in radicalisation and The Far Right The Rivers of Blood Speech Muslims in Britain-what have we done well[…..]

The Great Gender Debate

with Dr Shuruq Naguib. 20-22 Dec 17.

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We say: The lessons of Srebrenica should be taught and discussed in all schools.

What About Us?

A letter in the post from Eric Pickles