A Closer Look at Gender Segregation

ISB Campus
Saturday Masterclass

“A Closer Look At Segregation”
Saturday 30th May
18:00-19:45 (BST)

Segregation is a much contested issue in Muslim communities. Communities have brought along varying of degrees of segregation, with each opinion being suggested as ‘Islamic law’.

In a country whose cultural norms involve minimal segregation, Muslim practices can cause confusion and sometimes limit our engagement in society.

So, to what degree are our various attitudes to segregation a reflection of Eastern cultures and how much is actually taught by the Quran and sunnah?

To explore the truth behind gender segregation, Ahtsham Ali will peel back centuries of cultural interpretations to examine the authentic lifestyle of the Prophet and his companions in Medina, with some surprising discoveries…

Ustadh Ahtsham Ali has been leading scholars from a spectrum of backgrounds as they provide pastoral care and deal with the gritty issues facing Muslim prisoners across the UK. He has studied under one of the world’s leading Hadith scholars and jurists Sh Al-Judai.

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