Annual Members Meeting 2016

All members are invited to attend our AMM which is an opportunity to learn about, celebrate and discuss the work of ISB over the past year and plans for future years.  Most importantly, we will be electing a new Chair of ISB who will help shape the future of our movement.  So, it’s vital we have as many members as possible in attendance to take part in this debate and selection process.

We also have some inspiring speakers and enterainment:

– Imam Ajmal Masroor, a long term member of ISB, will be giving an inspiring talk about British Muslim communities, ISB and what we can all do to improve understanding of our deen amongst our fellow citizens and how to help improve the country.


– British Muslim spoken word poet Tommy A-Man Evans will be performing for both the main adult audience and for the parallel YM programme for 12 to 17 year olds.  See clips of his recent tour here.


There will be a series of concise reports on Living Islam Festival (Khalid Anis), Islam Awareness Week (Hifsa Iqbal, pictured below), Young Muslims programmes (Rabiha Hannan and members of YM) and the important work of our branches around the country.


There are parallel supervised activities for 3 to 11 year olds and 12 to 17 year olds – so children and young people can enjoy the day, allowing adults to take part in the main programme.

The event is heavily subsidised by ISB and we ask for a contribution from those in attendance to only partly cover the costs.

Book today – to enjoy the company of other Muslim families, to get excited about our movement and to elect the sister or brother who will lead us to even greater achievements, inshaAllah.

Please Book Here

Please note, anyone who wishes to appoint a proxy to vote for them at the AMM must have their request fully confirmed in writing by the ISB Office by 10am on Friday 23rd September.  The email address to confirm proxy voting is [email protected]