Campaigning for Change Report

Dear All,

On Saturday 1st of April ISB Campus held a day training course in conjunction with MADE. We had a fantastic day discussing the topic of ‘Campaigning for Change.’ We saw a small number of enthusiastic and energetic participants gather to learn about why campaigning is important, which successful campaigns have we witnessed, leadership skills, how to campaign and how to carry a message to the public. Attendees were passionate about topics surrounding developing eco-friendly mosques, reducing food wastage, reducing brain drain in developing countries, childhood obesity and helping others overcome crippling debt.


It was fantastic to learn together and share topics that attendees felt passionate about. Lucy Bushill-Matthews from MADE conducted interactive and well prepared workshops that superseded our expectations. Feedback was excellent and we really hope to be able to carry out this course in other localities. Hopefully, we will see that small change can grow into a massive movement once ideas germinate and the public feels a connection! Watch this space!