Campus Residential Feedback

On the weekend of 28th to 30th June, ISB Campus enjoyed a residential entitled “The Tale of Two Civilisations.”
We were fortunate to have wonderful warm weather, interesting topics for discussion, brilliant speakers as well as time for sports, icebreakers, a bonfire and a barbecue. Abid Baig, singer and songwriter entertained us around the bonfire.

Our workshops were: 
Islamic History and Civilisation
The Growth of Western Civilisation
Colonialism and Muslim Responses
Loyalty and Belonging

We really managed to discuss a plethora of topics and were very fortunate to have a fantastic booklet edited by one of our younger members and contributed to by all the speakers. Our second session consisted of a panel of young speakers presenting on topics they have an interested in and are studying at University. This was the first time we had so many young speakers!
As always, it was not just about the conversations, discussions and workshops as the main highlight was the respect, love and kindness shown by all. The Campus group is best described now as a Campus family. Alhamdolillah for His blessings.