Campus Update 2019

This year we have been incredibly blessed to see the development of a core, committed Campus committee
which has met twice a year to produce a 6 month plan. Meetings have inevitably been followed by local
Campus dinners and socials which have been very enjoyable. This committee is made up of young people
who envisaged the following year plan:
2 Intense Day Courses a year
2 Residentials a year
An active social media presence.
A website geared towards a younger audience with reflections and reminders.
An e-syllabus with online learning on a weekly basis during term time.

Our social media presence exists on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will be strengthened and developed
further next year Insha’Allah as it is in its early stages. Our website is aimed at a younger audience, promotes
our events and covers reflections based on the e-circles. This will be developed next year Insha’Allah.

One of the highlights of this year has been the E-syllabus. This has seen young people from various cities
logging on in the evenings on a weekly basis during term time, to present reminders and follow a syllabus
developed by Dr Rizwan Syed. Reminders and reflections are then posted onto the website.

We hope to continue with the same format next year, God willing. A book club is an idea it it’s infancy!
Campus members in different localities have been getting together to support one another regularly.
I have been blessed by Allah to lead on a project that has so much potential and that puts me in contact with
such wonderful young people on a regular basis. They are bright, diligent, respectful, curious and keen to
develop their faith and friendships. May Allah continue to bless this project. Ameen
Sara Saigol
ISBB Campus Coordinator