Remembrance Day

Remembering the millions who gave their lives

Integration and Cohesion

We are all citizens in a strong and proud nation, but one that can be more integrated.


A good Muslim should be a good citizen.

Suicide bombings

We do not condone the usage of suicide attacks in any context.

Woolwich Terror Statement

And we will carry on


It is important to underline that ‘Islam’ means peace and aims for peace. As a last resort, and in exceptional circumstances, force may be used to defend oneself and others.

Doing nothing is not an option

National Coalition To Tackle Street Grooming

Not everyone wants us to talk about this one

Reclaim St George’s Day!

A place where a ‘hijab’ is as welcome as bangers and mash


We cherish the English Legal System and do not advocate the adoption of so-called ‘Sharia laws’ in the UK; we believe that the term is greatly misunderstood by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Sharia is really about justice and Britain is more just than most Muslim countries.