Annual Members Meeting 2017 – “British Islam”

Annual Member Meeting 2017 – “British Islam”

YM Residential 2017

ISB Young Muslims UK Residential 2017! “Why Do We Fall?” This year’s theme will explore the importance of making mistakes, how to cope when things don’t go according to plan and learning how to pick ourselves up!

Living Islam 2016

The Living Islam Festival (28th to 31st July) is a major national event held at the Lincolnshire Showground.


On 7/7, we are not divided #WalkTogether

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Build bridges between neighbours from all walks of life through love, conversation and good food!

What About Us?

A letter in the post from Eric Pickles

Paris: An Attack On Our Personal Freedom

Individual liberty is a light from God

Living Islam Festival 2014

Make Eid extra special at the event of the year

Preparation for LIFe

Workshops debates sports and more