Capitalism is Broken

ISB and Campus welcome you to the second Masterclass of the new academic year! Saturday[…..]

Interview with Dr Hany El Banna

Salaams! Just to let you know that on Sunday at 12:00 ISB CAMPUS will be[…..]

The Journey of The Soul

ISB Campus E-circle Wednesday 18th November 20:00-21:00 THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL With Dr Riza[…..]

Atheism and Islam: A Contemporary Dialogue

ISB and Campus welcome you to the first Masterclass of the new academic year!  Atheism[…..]

Remembering Srebrenica Event

    Salaam, For those who missed the Remembering Srebrenica event yesterday, here is the[…..]

Remembering Srebrenica

Remembering Srebrenica Saturday 18th July 18:00-18:50 Please join ISB and ISB Campus on the 25th[…..]

Living through the Quran: Female Companions of The Prophet

  Dr Shuruq Naguib will discuss the female Companions of the Prophet AS. By studying[…..]