The Nature of Human – Reminder by Aman Sibh

By Aman Sibh The nature of humans is a topic that comes up a lot[…..]

Interview with Dr Hany El Banna

Salaams! Just to let you know that on Sunday at 12:00 ISB CAMPUS will be[…..]

ISB Campus E-Circles Returns for 2020/21 Academic Year

We are excited to announce that the ISB Campus e-circles will re start on Wednesday[…..]

Live A Better Life

75 young smiles

The Final Journey

e-Circle: Prepared to face our own mortality?

The ISB e-Circle

Switch on to a digital stream of reassuring knowledge

Aim High!

Spirituality, learning, team building and laughter for 12-16 year olds

We Have a Friend in Jesus

e-Circle: One for whom we should publicly declare our love