Faithful Judgement?

Be involved in a Newcastle University project about faith and decision-making

Roundtable on Wills

Exploring an increasingly important issue for British Muslims

Do We Really Understand Hadith?

COURSE: Based on the latest scholarship in hadith sciences

eCircle: British or Muslim?

VIDEO: Dilwar Hussain on British Muslim identity, loyalty and belonging

eCircle: God. Allah. Well,?

VIDEO: Dr Syed explores whether ‘God’ or ‘Allah’ ought to be used

eCircle: Virtues of Prayer

Video: Hadith that encourage ritual prayer + some scholarly misjudgments

A day in the life of Prophet Muhammad poster

Life. Lessons. Legacy…

Special day course in November with Sh. Haytham Tamim

Ladies Learning Circle

15 years of learning, discussion and empowerment

Teenager Learning Circles

Our volunteers run circles for some 150 Glaswegian teenagers