Young Muslims UK Iftaar

The Young Muslims (Birmingham) have not held an iftaar for its members for a number of years due to the  late iftaar times. This year, the team thought that they would organise an iftaar to take advantage of an earlier iftaar time as well as the half term. Alhamdulillah, the 100 ticket event was sold out within a week! The programme began at 8.30pm with Brother Wahid giving a short reminder about the last 10 days of Ramadhan. This was followed by Iftaar and Salat-ul Maghrib. The meal then continued and the guests were invited to pray Salat-ul Isha and[…..]

YM Residential 2017

ISB Young Muslims UK Residential 2017! “Why Do We Fall?” This year’s theme will explore the importance of making mistakes, how to cope when things don’t go according to plan and learning how to pick ourselves up!

What YM can do for your children

If you think this would benefit your children then why not join us ?

YM Residential 2016

We rise by lifting others

The Middle Way

YM Leadership Training Programme 2016 – ‘The Middle Way’

Celebrating 30 Years of YM

YM 30th Celebratory Dinner and Entertainment Evening

Teenage circles – Girls

Learn and discuss faith matters with The Young Muslims UK

Be the change!

Join us for a fun-filled weekend of learning, spirituality, fun and laughter!

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