A Month of Reaching Out

The Birmingham ISB Branch had a number of events and Iftaars that took place during Ramadhan this year, attended and supported by Islamic Society of Britain volunteers and members.  We had great publicity for the events, which has been great for raising awareness of the blessed month of Ramadhan and fasting to the wider public. Iftaar at the Synagogue –  21st May Three women from Christian, Muslim and Jewish backgrounds spoke briefly about ‘Flourishing as women in our faiths’. This Iftaar was attended by around 30 women.   Hope not Hate ‘Iftaar Together’ with the Sikh and Muslim communities – 24th[…..]

Integrating Local Interfaith Communities

Building greater awareness and connection, Birmingham has been innovative in integrating the local interfaith communities, including the Christian, Jewish and Sikh’s. “Bringing in the importance of values, opportunities, and different backgrounds, as well as getting all the communities integrated through the outstanding work we do in our ISB branch is the aim.” -Birmingham’s Coordinator Sr Mahmouda. Birmingham’s reach through local radio has been a great platform to creatively share the local ISB branch events and resources. Study circles and Islamic talks are building and open to all!

Complicated Conversations

Part of Islam Awareness Week 2017

The Birmingham Social

An opportunity for families of all faiths and none to come together

Young People’s Study Circle

Young Muslims open circle for girls and boys…

Unity 93.5 FM

From humble beginnings, powered by the passion of its volunteers

Learning Circles

Every Monday at Al-Hijra Mosque

Family Circle

The first Sunday of every month

About Birmingham

Our work in Birmingham is led by:
Mehmooda Qureshi
Branch Co-ordinator
[email protected]