Emotional Intelligence

This seminar is for those who wish to learn how the modern world is affecting boys

Out and about

‘Out and about’ is a small project that began in 2015. In a busy household it can often be difficult to find time to relax and often harder still if you have to plan to get away before you can relax.¬† We have been working hard to organise trips to help relax and reenergise local women by going on walks, understanding the countryside around us (i.e. Places such as Balham and Harrogate) and using the opportunity to build on our relationships and discuss difficult subjects. We are always looking for ways to broaden the group and reach new places, if[…..]

Young Muslims

We have been keen to create a safe space for young to develop and grow both emotionally and spiritually. To this end we bring together a group of boys aged 8-12yrs. Through this they will ¬†develop friendships as well as build on social and spiritual knowledge through regular meetings. Educational sessions are taught by our older members of the ISB. In the past we have been involved in charity fundraisers and hope to continue with charitable work and with more outdoor activities planned for 2016. It will be an action packed year!   For more information or to get involved[…..]

Remembering the Prophet (SAW) through Poetry

Remembering the Prophet (SAW) through Poetry…

About Bradford

Our work in Bradford is led by:
Shannaz Kauser Zahoor
Branch Co-ordinator
[email protected]