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“Dine at mine this Ramadan”

say Muslim households across Britain


After fasting for over eighteen hours in the day, Muslims families across Britain opened their homes to host a non-Muslim family for Iftar – but it’s a bigger picture than just some dinner! This scheme has been a fantastic opportunity for communities to learn about each other and enjoy each others’ company; resulting in great learning experiences and lasting neighbourly relationships.


George and Ugurdum, were delighted to host Sue and Ian last Ramadan and said, “It was great to find that we have more in common than most believe.” That’s just what [email protected] Mine aims to do. Build bridges between neighbours from all walks of life through love, conversation and good food!


[email protected] was inspired by the Muslim culture around the globe of food and hospitality.  Although it is inspired by historical traditions of the Muslim world, [email protected] is truly a modern initiative; we’ve used Facebook and Twitter to arrange iftars, HOPE Not Hate who helped get the word out amongst their supporters via an email blast, we’ve delved into the world of instagram and youtube and send sent personal invites to priests, politicians and personalities to attend iftars.


From coffee mornings in Leicester, to over 250 applications for this scheme in Britain since 2013, [email protected] is turning into an annual phenomenon!


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