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What does Islam teach and what kind of relationship would you hope to see between Britain and Islam?

The Islamic Society of Britain has played an important and positive part in how British Muslims think about their faith. Some of our innovative activities often broke new ground, emboldening and empowering many others to create projects of their own.

The Islamic Society of Britain views Islam as a religion of peace and a continuation of age-old teachings from God to humanity. Not as a new religion, but as a way of life that has a strong focus – in spiritual terms on the worship of one God, and in social terms on justice and equity between people.

In 2012 we devoted our entire Ramadan campaign to raising money for 4 British based social charities: the Children’s Society, the Prince’s Trust, Macmillan Cancer, and the Big Issue. We wanted to create a shift in how British Muslims approached charitable donations, a shift that is steadily happening.

Your donation towards our work and aims is an investment in some very important matters that impact on our shared futures, today and tomorrow.

Thank you.

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An Important Note on  Zakat 

If you wish to give your Zakat to local causes here in the UK, you can donate to the Zakat Trust which can take Zakat (as well as Sadaqah, Lillah and also Zakat al-Fitr). You can pay your Zakat online. Go to https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/islamicsocietyofbritain. Paying online is quicker for you and easier for us to administer and we can also claim gift aid on your online donations.

You can also pay by making a direct bank transfer (Lloyd’s TSB Bank Plc, Account name: The Zakat Trust, Sort code: 30-96-18, Account no: 03222584), or sending a cheque made payable to ‘The Zakat Trust’.