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Proposed By-laws of the ISB

January 18, 2019
written by Husman Khan

Why Change Now?

The proposed by-laws are in response to several issues identified by shura. These include:

  • Our governance structure does not match any best practice NFP/ third sector structure
  • We have conflict of interests inherent in our legal structure between trustees and directors
  • Trustees should not report to directors – trustees are technically their employers
  • Oversight is very limited and focussed; trustees are not fulfilling their obligations in the best way
  • Recent events in the third sector with Muslim organisations creates urgency to resolve these issue

We need to prepare ISB for the next 30 years

Over the last 18 months, we have been working on updates and changes to reflect best practice but to also position the ISB for the future. A summary of the changes proposedis below:

  • Shura Council becomes board of trustees.
  • Number of trustees reduced to 13 maximum. Meets twice a year.
  • Trustee governance through sub committees (“management and finance”; “youth”; “people”; “governance” empowered sub-committees)
  • Split “trustees” from “directors”. Exec are director; comms; gen sec; finance + others
  • All department and project heads are no longer trustees or exec directors.
  • Local branches become unregistered charities with links to but also more autonomy from the national organisation.
  • Own local support; fundraising; gift aid claims; constitution (approved by National) and best practice governance and policies.

Our branches are at the heart of these changes

Since ISB became a charity and subject to charity rules, branches have no legal standing or basis for governance. Most of the branches today were set up based on the previous national constitution.

  • Not part of the ISB National Charity (cannot use charity number)
  • No guidance available for how a branch runs – what happens is there is a dispute?


Next Steps

At the next Annual Members Meeting in Feb 2019, we will be presenting the new by-laws to the membership for approval.

By-laws can be downloaded here

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