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Election 2019 Statement

14th December 2019
written by Abida

Dear Brs and Srs

It is a monumental day in British politics and for our society. Across our nation many I know will be feeling upset, angry and deflated at the results- Politics has polarised not just opinions but people. The election results show that there are many who will see the results as a positive step for Britain, though many of us are genuinely fearful of the rise in hateful rhetoric and the divisions in our society.

At this time of real concern, it is essential that as individuals and as an organisation we do not lose hope but remember Allah and His Plans and our striving for equality and social justice. We must look for goodness and foster it, we must pray for the good of our country and its people. We must strive towards a political discourse that brings people with differences together to strive for the common good.

I believe we can be, we must be, a beacon of light for society as a whole to help move towards a brighter future.

We are in the midst of developing a work plan that must see ISB and all of us as relevant stakeholders in this conversation.

Hold firm, pray for one another and let’s dig deep… together Insha’Allah. Let US be the change.

Khalid Anis, ISB Chair

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