Enjoining the Good


3rd MAY 2012

As we approach the local elections across the UK and the Mayoral elections in London, members of the Society are out campaigning and playing an active part in encouraging people to get out and vote.

Julie Siddiqi, Executive Director, said: “I’ve been to a few meetings this week all connected with the elections in one way or another. It’s really encouraging to see Muslims of all backgrounds coming out and recognising that being a part of the democratic system is crucial and the only way to effect change and be a positive force for good in their country.  I’ve met some great young people that give me a lot of hope for the future. Of course we all know that ‘politics’ can be frustrating at times and we can’t expect everything to go the way we always want but that’s why it’s so important to be at the table, discussing, debating, being part of the solution.  We have always focused on the ‘Britain’ in our name and have pro-actively encouraged our members to be part of the mainstream political parties, not sit on the fringes of society criticising and not willing to be part of the change”

In a recent article for our Student Leadership Weekend, Dilwar Hussain, President, wrote: “Being a citizen and living in a non-Muslim society, or indeed any society, involves taking up an active and positive role. Most scholars have argued that Muslims must participate actively in the political process of their country, not just to protect their own interests but for the interests of the society at large. Many scholars have now declared the compatibility between Islam and democracy and stated that “Voting is a deeply-rooted Islamic system.”

And in a presentation given in France to young Muslim students last week, London Imam and ISB member, Ajmal Masroor, spoke with passion about the need for young people to get involved, to make a difference, to speak out and be recognised and become positive role models. “If young people like you don’t stand up and be counted, far right parties will fill the gap with hate filled speeches that will effect us all. We can see what is happening across Europe and we must all make sure that doesn’t happen even more in France, in the UK or any of our other great European countries and cities’.

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