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‘Love Actually’

10th February 2020
Event Start Date:
14th March 2020
Event End Date:
14th March 2020
Event Venue:
The Hub, Birmingham

Introducing the next ISB Campus Masterclass!
‘Love Actually’

Workshop 1: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Love versus Lust
Henrietta Szovati

Workshop 2: Male and Female Health
Dr Rizwan Syed
Dr Ibrahim Varsani
Dr Sara Saigol

Workshop 3: Relationships  and Dating
Sheikh Munir Ahmed

Workshop 4: The Significance of Marriage in Islam
The Fiqh of Nikah and Walima
Sh Munir Ahmed
Batool Al-Toma

Workshop 5: Intimacy
Q and A
Sh Munir Ahmed
Batool Al-Toma

If you invite a friend who attends a Campus event for the first time, you can both avail yourselves of half price tickets (see ticket link)

There are significant reductions available on all Campus events for ISB members. Please do take benefit from membership
All discounts end on 1st March 2020.

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As a reminder – we want to encourage a positive environment, optimism and the strengthening of bonds between us. We also want to have critical thought and honest feedback where its appropriate. Even to hold oneself or others to account.

But the caveat is to do this with wisdom and thoughtfulness. Do not be dismissive, insulting, hurtful or rude – there is no need. Stay inside the limits recommended for debate when there is a difference of opinion. And do consider whether a private discourse is more appropriate.

In The Company of the Prophet And Future Leaders

10th December 2019
Event Start Date:
17th January 2020
Event End Date:
19th January 2020
Event Venue:
Markfield Conference Centre

Introducing the first Campus residential for 2020!!

In The Company of the Prophet
And Future Leaders

Two themes this time which include Leadership Training!
Workshops will be held on:

1. The Family and House of the Prophet SAW
Batool al-Toma

2. In the Company of the Prophet
Dr Riza Muhammed
Zainab Hussain
Faisal Qureshi
Zaina Cassam
Hannah Ali
Rahma Anis

3. Learning from the Prophetic Model
Sara Saigol

4. Tomorrow’s Leaders
Dr Rizwan Syed

5. Strategic Leadership
Dilwar Hussain and Khalid Anis

Do book early to avail yourselves of the early bird discount.

Young Muslims UK Residential

1st October 2019
Event Start Date:
1st October 2019
Event End Date:
25th October 2019
Event Venue:

“Me, My Selfie and I”

This Autumn’s YM National Residential for 11-16 year olds has “The Self” (Naffs) at the heart of it’s theme. We will aim to help our attendees learn
how to navigate the modern world in which so much attention is centred around the self. As we have recently discovered, this can lead to distress
even in the strongest of human beings. As always, we aim to guide the attendees through activities, workshops, reminders and team building exercises.

The youngsters can expect to have a great time during their stay through activities including a Bonfire, Entertainment and additional activities led
by the Scouts Campsite.

For further information and to book a place, please follow the link HERE


ISB Annual Members Meeting

12th September 2019
Event Start Date:
12th October 2019
Event End Date:
12th October 2019
Event Venue:

Dear Member,

Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullah

I pray that you and your loved ones are well and enjoying the blessed month of Muharram and the beginning of another Islamic New Year 1441. Our work is extremely challenging at a time when the world is seeing seismic upheaval and a shift towards far right politics of hate and prejudice. Our country is also facing an acute challenge in its social and political make up. We have Brexit that has dominated our political conversations and LGBT education of our children at schools have brought our communities to sharp focus recently. Our work in creating confident Muslim families must continue regardless of the challenges. We will be having exciting conversations around these important topics at the AMM. Further details of the agenda of the day will follow in our next communication.

It is with this back I would like to extend a warm invitation to you and your family and friends to attend this year’s ISB Annual Members Meeting (AMM).

It’s been a really busy and challenging year, with Allah’s blessings and your support and prayers, we have completed two years since the last election AMM. We will update you more fully at the members’ meeting where the Shura, and others, will share some insights and you will gain an overview of the work that has been taking place both locally and nationally this past term. There will of course also be time for feedback from everyone.


In addition we will be holding an election for both the Shura Council and the Chair of Trustees.

If you are unable to attend the AMM but would like to participate in these elections, we are pleased to be able to offer a postal vote. If you would like a postal vote, please register for an access code by emailing [email protected] or by calling 0300 365 1098 and we will send you a ballot paper. Our independent election adjudicator opens all postal votes so your vote must reach our Office Administrator on or before 05h Oct 2019 in order to be counted. 

Coming together is important – not just for those who are active in the organisation or have leadership roles, but for all of our members. It strengthens our ties of friendship and kinship, reminds us of the beauty of our projects and volunteers, and empowers us all to make a change for the better. It is an act of worship; we all come together to remember Him by meeting each other, praying together and discussing the impact of our work on our country and us.

I look forward to seeing you at the AMM!

Wassalamu alaikum,

Ajmal Masroor



The Power Of Prayer

27th August 2019
Event Start Date:
19th October 2019
Event End Date:
19th October 2019
Event Venue:

The next Campus Day Course for 17-26-year-olds is on the 19th October and will be on ‘The Power Of Prayer!’ Insha’Allah.


Speakers will be:

Dr Rizwan Syed – Engaging with the Prayer.
The Meaning of the Whole Prayer.

Sheikh Munir Ahmed – Aspects of Ritual Purification.
The Travellers Prayer.

Rehanah Sadiq – Power of Prayer through Hardship and Difficulty.
How to Develop Khushu’

Please do share and book now:


8th August 2019
Event Start Date:
11th August 2019
Event End Date:
13th August 2019
Event Venue:
Everywhere in the World

It’s Eid