How the Qur’an could make us better healthcarers

Event Start Date:
27th January 2021
Event End Date:
27th January 2021
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Faith Healer’s Series
~ Living by the code

Talk 2: How the Qu’ran could make us better healthcarers?

We all want our Faith to make us better Healthcare professionals
But is a ‘Good Muslim’ automatically a good professional?
Where do we find the definition of a ‘Good Muslim’?

Join us on a tour of Islamic civilisation, Islamic Law, the Sunnah and finally the Qur’an, on a quest for the undisputable ‘Spiritual Code’ of Islam!

Date: Wednesday 27 Jan
Time: 8:15pm?
Zoom Meeting ID: 975 473 6994
Passcode: 123456

Speaker Bio:
Dr Rizwan Syed is a GP and a longstanding member of the Islamic Society of Britain.?
Currently, he is the lead teacher at the online study circle for ISB Campus, running a two-year
course entitled, “Classical to Contemporary: Muslim and British.”