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Our e-circles take place on the first and third Tuesday of each month but just as one-off, the next e-circle would take place on Wednesday, 19th June 2013.

The next e-circle will take place on WEDNESDAY 19th June 2013 9pm (login from 8:50pm)

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“In Conversation with Dawud Wharnsby”

Presented by Julie Siddiqi

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In this month’s ISB E-Circle we have a special guest, Dawud Wharnsby in conversation with  Julie Siddiqi, Executive Director, ISB. Just for this session the E-Circle will be at 9pm on Wednesday, 19th June 2013, instead of the regular Tuesday evenings. It would be an informal discussion about Dawud’s music and family life, his latest project with Kube publishing and more. As with all our live sessions, viewers will be able to ask live questions via the web chat. Don’t miss out!

About Dawud Wharnsby:
Dawud Wharnsby is a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, performer, educator and television personality. A multi-instrumentalist, he is best known for his work in the musical/poetic genre of English Language nasheed and spoken word. He embraced the teachings of the Quran in 1993. He began sharing his songs with audiences as a street performer in his late teens. Two decades later, his career as a troubadour has yielded a string of over fifteen solo albums, four poetry anthologies, numerous sound-track credits, performances in some of the world’s most prestigious theatres and collaborations with several of the world’s most celebrated artists (including Irshad Khan, Danny Thompson, Stephen Fearing, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens, Hadiqa Kiani and Zain Bhikha).

In true folk-music tradition, Dawud’s songs have spread around the world ringing out in primary schools, universities, places of worship, rallies and conventions with words that have found their way into the hearts of listeners aged 0 to 92. His work and reputation as one of the most prominent spiritually and socially conscious writers of our time have been referenced in publications affiliated with both Harvard University in the USA and Cambridge University Press in the United Kingdom.

Though he continues to write, record and occasionally leave his home-studio to lecture or perform live in recent years Dawud has become a strong advocate of Simple Living and more actively involved with educational initiatives promoting artistic expression as a means to achieve positive social change. His passion for Perennial Philosophy has Dawud actively involved with inter-faith efforts world-wide.

He is the author of a famous book “A Picnic of Poems: In Allah’s Green Gardens”. He recently published another book, “Colours of Islam” which is now available in the market.

About Julie Siddiqi:
Julie converted to Islam in 1995 and is married with four children and lives in Slough.

In 1997 she was one of the founding members of local women’s charity, An Nisa Slough Muslim Women’s Group. She was a member of the National Muslim Women’s Advisory Group and has regularly been interviewed for magazines and newspapers including Woman magazine and The Big Issue.    Other voluntary work has included leading various projects such as Islam Awareness Week and the Weekend for Women for the Islamic Society of Britain and she was the first female Vice President to be appointed.  She worked in local government for two years and has appeared on the BBC programme, The Big Questions.  Julie was recently asked to participate in two pieces of work with the University of Cambridge – Contextualising Islam in Britain and Narratives of Conversion.  She also is a mentor for the Prince of Wales Charity, Mosaic and is a newly appointed member of Slough SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education).

Now employed as the Executive Director of the ISB Julie spends a lot of time networking and has built many links and relationships all over the UK with Muslim organisations and individuals as well as with people of other faiths.