eCircle: God. Allah. Well,?

Learn about, what is quite possibly, the single most important message of Islam that we are not communicating right.


by Dr Rizwan Syed

This video will show you the [email protected]  e-circle that was streamed live in April 2012. It covers a topic that impacts directly on how we understand the Creator and how we convey His essence to people. Addressing the spiritual dimensions of faith as well as a key contemporary issue, it is based on a scholarly paper by Shaykh Umar Faruq Abd-Allah called One God, Many Names,  and also touches upon communication concepts based on a paper by Shaykh John Ederer on balancing ‘Arabisation’ in Islam.

About the Teacher: Dr Rizwan Syed

Dr Rizwan Syed has been studying and teaching Islam in a variety of settings since his early twenties. He has studied Usul al Fiqh with Dr Munir Ahmed. Rizwan has developed a number of Islamic syllabi and has been a course organiser for the residential KnowledgeSeekers course since 2007, where he developed the ten day intensive course Classical to Contemporary. Rizwan has served in the Islamic Society of Britain for over twenty years where he has more recently developed its Birmingham based ‘ISB Campus’, which provides a welcoming, non-judgmental space for young Muslims, mainly graduates in their twenties, to meet, make friends, and cultivate a critical consciousness that explores Islam’s relevance to our contemporary context. Rizwan is married with four children and is a GP.

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