Gaza Affects Us All


18th November 2012


The killing field of Gaza, where one of the strongest military machines in the world is, once again, raining its weaponry upon one of the weakest peoples of the world, is condemned in the strongest terms and without reservation. Missiles are being fired into Israel and that too needs to be condemned. But it is no ‘self defence’ for Israel to respond by killing civilians in their hundreds and bring homes and essential structures of civic life to rubble.

All civilians in the region, Israeli and Palestinian, should live a life without fear of a deadly assault. The world’s attention must be directed foremost to reducing the escalation in violence and the international community must stand against the indiscriminate killing of civilians – men, women and children.

We should remember that in the last major conflict between Israel and Palestine in 2008 (Operation Cast Lead), 762 Palestinian civilians were killed including 300 children. 3 Israeli civilians were killed at the same time*.

Apart from the humanitarian disaster unfolding before our eyes this act of aggression will only entrench views and push even further the hope of peace from the region.

But the impact is not only ‘over there’. As anger and frustration over the situation grows over here, we must work hard to maintain and improve community relations. We would call on all British people to stand together for the rights of the oppressed and to support charities undertaking essential humanitarian relief in the area.

Our government should take an exemplary lead in condemning the killings and destruction in the strongest terms, and should exert every effort to bring peace and justice to the suffering. It matters to us as a nation and what we, as a nation, stand for.


1. The Islamic Society of Britain can be reached on: 020 7247 8088, [email protected]

2. * Figures quoted from Israeli human rights organisation B’TSelem