Gender Ethics

Gender Ethics

With Dr Sara Saigol

Weds 17th March 20:00-21:00

Join me for this 2 part series looking at:

•Women in pre-Islamic cultures
•Women in Abassid times
•How veiling and segregation became part of the colonial project
•The Quran’s ethical message
•How does the Quran discuss love, desire, pairs, marriage, divorce and more….
•The amazing and inspiring themes and stories surrounding women in the Quran!


Part 2 on Weds 31st March 20:00-21:00

Everyone welcome: male and female!

A Look at Gender Ethics and Law

We will look at:

• A snapshot of gender ethics through time
• Definitions of feminism and patriarchy
• A look at the term libas
• How has men as qawwamun/maintainers been interpreted over time?
• Divorce
• Surah Tahrim

If you missed Part 1, this is the recording