The ‘Enough Food IF’ Rally


The Islamic Society of Britain will join over 200 hundreds of organisations to make its humble contribution to the IF campaign. IF is a collaborative effort bringing broad sections of civil society together to tackle world hunger. In 2013 its focus is to pressure our leaders to act on the four big issues (aid, tax, land and transparency) that mean so many people do not get enough food.

A huge public rally will take place at London’s Hyde Park with philanthropists, religious leaders and celebrities speaking. Julie Siddiqi, the Executive Director will address the crowds at Hyde Park and say,

“I stand before you here today as a mother of four happy children… I stand before you as a woman of faith, as a Muslim, who wants to see the injustice of hunger eradicated.

Hunger today is not a natural disaster, it is a human-made disaster. 2 million children lose their lives every year from hunger. One in eight people go to bed hungry every night. Hunger kills more of the world’s children than our terrible wars put together. 

Islam teaches me that I am not  true to my faith, if I go to sleep full… while people around me are hungry… I am proud of the Muslim organisations like Islamic Relief, MADE in Europe and Human Appeal who have been at the forefront of the IF campaign with so many other organisations… When we talk about faith it really is about living it – it really is about ACTION. 

The injustice may seem too great, the barriers may look too high. When we have it in our power to fix a problem… we must. As long as we have a voice and a vote, we should use them for the causes that matter. That is my belief… And that is your belief too – and looking out on Hyde Park today, I know we are going to win. Thousands of people have come together to say NO to hunger – not in 2013 and not on our watch!” 

To learn more about the event visit and to download a specially written Muslim supporter toolkit, go to: