ISB Manchester Local Shelters Project

ISB Manchester

Alhamdolillah, ISB Manchester are now providing meals to local shelters 3 times a week.

ISB volunteers have been busy throughout the months of November, December and January preparing hot meals for the service users at Wellspring centre. As well as providing hot meals, volunteers donated items to be packed into gift bags to donate to the service users on Christmas Day.

The service users greatly appreciate the hot meals and donations of snacks and drinks that they receive from us every Saturday. Especially during the unprecedented times we are currently facing, the meals provided every Saturday may be the only hot meal received.

ISB Manchester also prepare meals for a Women’s Shelter as well as a home for young people.

These are the words of a 13 year old volunteer:

Sadaqah wipes out sins like water extinguishes fire.
The Prophet ( PBUH) said: “ The charity you give will be your shade on the Day of Judgement. When I help my mum make food, I believe that I need the reward more, than the people who need the money.When we give charity, be thankful to the people who we are giving to. We may be helping them in this world but they are helping us for akhirah.
Meeshiam Fatima 13

And these are the words of an 11 year old volunteer:

I think I should not be helping others with the thought to gain any rewards, to me it sounds selfish but I should be doing it for the pleasure of helping others who are in need and to please Allah SWT. When I saw my cake being distributed to the needy, it made me very happy and it was very rewarding to watch. I made little hearts on the cakes with icing, thinking whoever it may go to it would bring hope and joy to them and the thought that someone prepared these for them with all their heart.
Izyaan Farhan 11

If you are local (to Manchester) and would like to get involved, please email