Islam and Evolution: What’s the Problem?


ISB Campus presents – “Islam and Evolution: What’s the Problem?”
Saturday 20th June 2020, 17:30 to 19:15

The theory of evolution was a ground-breaking scientific development which led to many religious groups and denominations reforming the way they discussed and thought about the origin of mankind

Islamic views on evolution are diverse; it has remained a contentious and stimulating topic for many Muslims, particularly in the contemporary era as religious beliefs come under increased scrutiny in the wake of scientific advances

Join us for what promises to be a thoroughly interesting and thought-provoking discussion, presented by Dr. Shoaib Ahmed Malik.

Dr. Shoaib graduated with honours in his undergraduate program at the University of Bath in 2010. Afterwards he was awarded a fully funded PhD Scholarship in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham which he completed in 2015. On completing his scientific studies, Shoaib decided to pursue further studies in Islamic theology and philosophy under a few shuyookh, and recently finished his MSc of Philosophy of Science and Religion at the University of Edinburgh. He currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of the Natural Sciences at Zayed University in Dubai. He has a book coming out on Islam and Evolution in 2021.

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