January 2014 Newsletter


Assalamu alaikumReflections and resolutionsAs the days, weeks and months pass us by we find ourselves bidding 2013 goodbye and waking up to 2014. Often it’s said that time passes by quicker than we can believe, it seems like only yesterday when we were celebrating the Olympics…which was in the summer of 2012 would you believe.

Measures of time, whether you think of the years in an Islamic, Gregorian, financial or academic sense, encourage a sense of reflection on the time that’s passed and that which is to come in the future. Reflections are important, they allow us to consider, to take stock and to ponder on the challenges that came our way last year, how we dealt with them and what we learned, or could have done differently should we have that time again. Reflections are also a time to appreciate the good that we had and the achievements we have made in our lives. Many of you will have had reasons to celebrate: some will have passed a driving test, become engaged, got married, changed jobs, passed exams or even had a child. All of which are life-changing circumstances for so many of us.

As we think about what may lie ahead in 2014, let’s consider how we have learnt from previous years so that we can build on the time and opportunities that are ahead. This year the Islamic Society of Britain celebrates its 24th anniversary, we will reach a milestone.

Over those 24 years many, many people have invested their time, energy and love in this organisation that they have helped to shape and evolve. Many of you are those very members who were there at the start of the journey. Most of us will have been a part of this amazing journey in more recent years. Wherever and whenever we joined ISB, we should consider ourselves blessed to be part of many fruitful years in the past, and incredibly productive ones in the future.

Let’s begin 2014 with resolutions that help us to be better, wiser and more giving towards one another. Let us renew our commitment to come together as families, communities and as an organisation, in order to build on our legacy and look forward to many more exciting decades ahead.

Sughra Ahmed


Luton Food Bank

Well done to members of ISB in Luton and the Inspire FM team who have been doing some fantastic work with their local Foodbank.

270 boxes were packed with more than 5000 items and delivered to those in need! Here is a short video of their excellent efforts:


Faiz Nabi from Inspire FM said: “This has shone a positive light on the Muslim community and provided a platform to engage the community in a common cause and raise awareness of food poverty in Luton. Inspire FM will continue to work with the local Foodbank and support their cause in ensuring no one goes hungry in our town.”

Click here for the full report 

Living Islam

A full team meeting was held at Lincolnshire Showground on Saturday 21st December 2013. Plans are in full swing and more updates will follow through Facebook, Twitter, etc..

Volunteers are needed for all teams… lots of them!!  Spread the word, get involved. The full website will be live any day now and ticket sales will start. In the meantime check out;



Islam Awareness Week (NOTE DATE CHANGE)17th – 23rd March 2014

Hifsa Iqbal from Staffordshire (IAW in-charge) would love to hear from you/ If you have ideas or want to join the team don’t be shy, get in touch. Meetings will mainly be held via skype / conf call so volunteers from all over the country are welcome. This year celebrates the 21st anniversary of IAW, let’s make it the best one ever!

Executive updateThe Executive Team met recently in Leicester for a full day meeting. We went through updates and reviews for all projects and areas of work.Each project co-ordinator has compiled an action plan with 6 months targets.

We want you to be involved! 

None of this work is possible without dynamic teams of people who have interest and expertise.  Many of you will have ideas, suggestions and really useful contributions to make and we want to hear from you.  All the teams are listed on our website so to find out more and get involved click here .

Dates for your diary: 

  • Shura meeting: 18th January, Staffordshire 
  • Islam Awareness Week: 17th – 23rd March 2014 (see above)
  • Ramadan; 28th June 2014
  • Eid ul Fitr: 28th July 2014
  • Living Islam: 31st July – 3rd August 2014
  • National Inter Faith Week: 17th – 23rd November http://www.interfaithweek.co.uk/
Keep in touch : Islamic Society of Britain, 26 York Street, London W1U 6PZ
03003651098 [email protected]