June 2014 Newsletter



Dearest members,

Salaam to you all.
Following on from the Annual Members Meeting we held on Saturday 7th June, I wanted to get in touch with you personally. 
The AMM reminded me of why we are members of the Islamic Society of Britain, one that is of British Muslims, of Britain. Through presentations, discussions and networking I was made to think about why an organisation like ISB is an important voice in the British public scene. It’s impact is felt not just by us and our loved ones, but it’s also been transformational for many others who come into contact with our work. At the AMM we explored the theme ‘The impact of ISB on our lives, our country’, we heard from many of our projects and from individuals such as Fatima (Bradford) and Sajid (Glasgow) who reflected on how ISB has proved to be one of the most positive influences in their lives…and by extension on their families also. We can’t underestimate the value of such an organisation, one that continues to shape the lives of many of us in a way that will hopefully be of benefit to us in both worlds. A guest panel shared their reflections on how they see the impact of our work and message in wider Britain. Nigel, Sunder, Julian and I led a discussion on some of the challenges British Muslims, and faith communities generally, are dealing with and how this is perceived from some parts of wider British society. The panel was chaired by our very own Rabiha Hannan – who also led our YM programme on the day.
We are an organisation that believes in value of justice and works hard on matters of social justice across Britain. We are investing (and will continue to do so) in several areas of work that attract young people, especially in Young Muslims where specialist training days and retreats are building a sense of confidence and rootedness in young people. In fact next weekend will be the third of these training days, young Muslims will come together to share their creativity and build new skills in areas such as media engagement. 

I would like us to reflect on what inspired us to join ISB, the impact that this organisation has had on us and our loved ones as well as the way in which it has helped us to connect with something bigger than just ourselves.

How can we inspire others to join us to share in this, and what can we, as members, do to support our work in areas such as: Young Muslims, Living Islam, Islam Awareness Week, Eat ‘n’ Meet, our radio stations Inspire FM and Unity FM as well as our Radio Ramadan stations. ISB has often enjoyed the support both members and others have given, this is a time for those thinking about their contribution to join them.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more about us and our work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch either with us at the office or with the heads of our projects. As always, the Living Islam Festival gives us all an opportunity to volunteer our time during the weekend, and there are many departments that would love for you to give an hour or two with the intention of sharing your skills and your love with festival goers.
Don’t forget to encourage your friends and family to buy their tickets. It looks set to be a wonderful weekend with a great line–up of speakers and some special surprises promised in the wider programme. This year marks the inaugural: Celebrating Excellence Awards, if you would like to nominate a person, project or organisation then visit: http://livingislam.org.uk/awards? – closing date is 20th June 2014. 
With Ramadan fast approaching you may wish to donate your zakat, sadaqa or anything more to further our work in ISB. To find out more please visit: http://www.isb.org.uk/zakat-trust-2/ and to donate: https://www.justgiving.com/isb/.
I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Living Islam Festival and to celebrating Eid ul Fitr with you all in Lincolnshire.
Very best,
Sughra Ahmed

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