Letter from the Chair – Covid-19

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu alaikum,

I am writing to you during unprecedented upheaval and anxiety. As Chair of The Islamic Society of Britain, I wish to reach out to all of you as my brothers, sisters, elders and children. We face an unusual and virulent challenge; that of COVID-19.

Whilst this means we must be sensible and cease all large gatherings; branch meetings, perhaps Jumu’ah prayers, circles and social activities, there is no reason why we cannot reach out to one another through the written word and social media.

Whilst there is genuine anxiety, now is not the time for mass panic but instead of keeping level heads and digging deep. At this time, we truly realise how very dear we are to one another and how precious our loved ones really are. Brothers and sisters, let’s hold one another close. Let us reach out to the lonely, the isolated, the elderly, the vulnerable and the frightened. These streets that we live on will be sure to be populated by neighbours in self isolation or those needing help with meals and shopping. Let us try to be the neighbours that Allah encourages us to be and that Our beloved Muhammad SAW set an example of being. The communities in which we live, are our communities. The people we surround ourselves with, are our people. COVID-19 hardly discriminates on race, gender, colour or creed and neither should we.

I would like to take this opportunity to salute the carers, health care professionals, paramedics and all those at the frontline in the struggle to care for those who are sick in circumstances that are straining at the very seams. Whilst they put themselves on the line, we must be their support.

Further afield, are the horrific tragedies unfolding in Italy, Iran, China and elsewhere. We know refugee camps, the homeless and the disadvantaged amongst others will suffer terribly.
Let us pray.
All power belongs to Allah, Lord and Master of the Worlds. Only through His Mercy, will we as a society pull through these very difficult circumstances, together.

My dear sisters and brothers, let’s take this time to step back and take stock.
Let us renew our connections with our Creator, deepen our Iman and strengthen the love that unites us all.

ISB has an important role to play:
One of service to others, rolling up our sleeves and checking on our elders,
To provide the calm voice of hope and reassurance, and
To be the call for optimism and better tomorrows, InshaAllah.

Dig deep brothers and sisters and let us constantly and sincerely remember one another in our prayers.

Khalid Anis
Chair of The Islamic Society of Britain