Reflections on The Power of Prayer

On Saturday 19th October, ISB Campus organised a Masterclass on The Power of Prayer; its meaning as well as contextual issues surrounding travel and purity. The day started off with Auntie Rehanah Sadiq who discussed her journey towards praying 5 times a day. An aspect of this workshop that I throughly enjoyed was the focus on emptying your mind during prayer. She focused on developing Khushu’; awe and concentration.

Uncle Rizwan Syed led the second session on the meaning of every step of the prayer and the attitude with which we should approach it. A learning point for me was that when praying, the meaning should be fully understood as the Quran is clear that we should not approach our prayers with befuddled minds. He produced a booklet for us all with the meaning of the prayer, as a reference point.

Sulaymaan Ayub further analysed Surah Fatihah; elucidating that half of this Surah is for Allah and half for us. He focussed on why the word Sirat, a wide path, is used.

Sheikh Munir Ahmed then led 3 workshops: Fiqh of Taharah,
Fiqh of praying when travelling and
The Importance of sending peace and prayers on Muhammad SAW.

I found it fascinating how scholars have over time tried to understand what constitutes the shortened travel prayers.


“All in all, the atmosphere at Campus is one of a big family who are non judgmental and friendly. It feels like an open space to ask questions!”

Sumayya Anis – 18 years old.