Remembering Srebrenica

Remembering Srebrenica
Saturday 18th July 18:00-18:50

Please join ISB and ISB Campus on the 25th Anniversary of the Bosnian genocide.

We will be holding those who were killed and those who lost loved ones in this horrific chapter of European history, in our hearts.

Chaired by Rumaysa Bhimani, the Campus team will:

  • Show a video explaining the history
  • Read testimonials shared by our Bosnian brothers and sisters
  • Share reflections on hate, discrimination, conflict and this year’s theme ‘Every Action Matters.’
  • Share a personal challenge we can all join in with
  • And pray for the victims and the survivors.

Please do join us so that we do not forget the victims and that we renew our efforts to challenge discrimination in all its forms.
We all must ensure that the injustice of the Bosnian genocide is remembered, the victims honoured and lessons learnt.

“Every Action Matters.”

Zoom Meeting ID: 864 9320 2826

Please note that some scenes from the video may be upsetting.