Review of ‘In the Company of the Prophet (Saw) and Future Leaders’

I had my very first experience with ISB Campus over the weekend of the ‘In the Company of the Prophet (Saw) and Future Leaders’ programme, and it really did not disappoint. My friends, who are veterans of the organisation, invited me along as they said it is something that would interest me considering my past experience with other projects. I must admit that it was definitely worth the long drive and I would attend another event like this one with the ISB Campus. It was nice to be in the company of other young, like-minded, Muslim people from across the country, something that I was not very used to in my life.
My favourite workshop from the weekend was The Household of the Prophet (SAW) by Mary Batool al-Toma. I particularly enjoyed this workshop because Mary spoke about sahaabas who are rarely heard of in Islamic literatures or gatherings and I really appreciated this because it gave me fresh insights on the character of the Prophet and his relationships with these sahaabas. For example, a person Mary spoke about was Umm Ayman, who I learnt was a lovely character that was with the Prophet (SAW) from the moment he was born until his death – the only companion of the Prophet (SAW) with this status. I thought her story was very inspirational and I loved the way Mary told us her story.
The ultimate highlight of my experience was when a group of us played Mafia in the evening, it was a lot of fun and it helped me become more comfortable in my new environment. It got very competitive but it was great fun to break the ice with other members who I was not familiar with already.
All in all, I feel like I had a very wholesome weekend due to the fact that I learnt a lot of new information and also made some new friends that I know that I will stay in touch with in the future. I now look forward to the next event for ISB Campus!