Romeo & Juliet Report

Dear all,

The weekend of 3rd to 5th March 2017 saw our second ISB Campus Residential Retreat which was held at Kingswood Activity Centre, Doncaster and entitled ‘Romeo and Juliet- The Islamic Perspective on Love and Marriage.’ It was an excellent chance for young people to get together to discuss important topics (highlighted by themselves,) reflect on our theological teachings, enjoy congregational prayers, reminders and Dhikr sessions as well as to forge new friendships with like minded individuals. We chose to explore the themes of love and marriage and the importance of building homes based on compassion, equity and mercy. This was an excellent choice of topic as attendees really got stuck in, exploring the theme and discussing scenarios.



























We were very blessed that 42 enthusiastic, energetic, respectful young adults attended this residential enjoying high adrenaline activities such as ‘Leap of Faith’ and abseiling as well as team building, problem solving and archery. The highlight of Friday night was definitely the amazing performance by our very own singer/songwriter LuqC on his guitar!!

Feedback was very positive, alhamdolillah, especially on the interactive workshops where our speakers did a grand job answering challenging questions on important topics. There is no doubt that our young people need a safe space to explore, learn, question and grow in an environment that is respectful, inspiring and fun!

If you are 18-25 years old or know anyone who is, please do join the ‘ISB Campus’ Facebook page where we have started posting videos on theological and contemporary topics to stimulate discussion and learning! We also have a campus Whatsapp group, led by young members of the Planning Team.

Our Planning Team are incredibly excited to be booking the next residential on ‘Mental Wellbeing’ in July 2017 Insha’Allah!! So watch this space!

Please do pray for this new project, encourage young people to join in and get involved!!

This is some feedback from the event:

‘My highlight was meeting new people with the same faith and values and discussing Islam in a sophisticated manner.’ 19 year old male

‘I loved the relaxed environment and being around like minded people. Also talking to the speakers such as Ajmal Masroor was very inspiring!’ 23 year old female

‘I loved this! Please continue to hold these residentials to teach and inspire us.’ 20 year old male

Sara Saigol
ISB Campus Coordinator