The Covid-19 Vaccine

ISB and ISB Campus present

The Covid Vaccine
Explaining the Facts

Sunday 14th February

*Dr Muna Abdel Aziz *
Director of Public Health for Salford.

Leads the public health response to COVID-19, advising care homes, schools, nurseries and workplaces.

Dr Muna set up the local Test and Trace team in Salford who are acting early on suspected cases, arranging testing, tracing their contacts, and managing outbreaks.

She initiated work in Salford to tackle inequalities during COVID.

Chair of YourB Credit Union; UK’s first Shariah Compliant credit union.

Shaykh Dr Raf?qat Rashid

Muslim scholar, General Practitoner, professional trainer and expert on Islamic medical fiqh. Co-founder of al-Balagh Academy

An academic in the field of Islamic medical ethics and medical law with a Masters from the University of Manchester on Muslim scholarly debates on the issue of Organ Transplantation.

He has lectured internationally and delivered courses on numerous topics whilst specialising in Islamic Fiqh and ethics related to organ transplantation, immunisations, family planning and end of life decisions.

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