Thinking About Giving

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Thinking About Giving

How and Where Should We Give     Our Zakat and Sadaqah?

Everybody is Welcome!

Sunday 28th March 18:00-19:00

With Lucy Bushill-Matthews

• Why do we need to think about giving?

• Is Zakat given differently to Sadaqah?

•Should we give to an individual or through a charity?

We will be looking at these questions and many more!

Lucy Bushill-Matthews
• Director of Operations at National Zakat Foundation, a charity that helps givers get their Zakat to people who need it in the UK.
• Previously worked for Save the Children, Plan International, Islamic Relief and MADE.
• A Chartered Management Accountant holding an MA in Economics from Cambridge University.
• Author of ‘Welcome to Islam: A Convert’s Tale’ ; has given two TedX talks.

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