Tomorrow’s World

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ISB Campus Tomorrow’s World

ISB CAMPUS — Presents the latest Leadership Development Masterclass for Young Adults!! 

Ahtsham Ali– Halal Meat: 

  • What makes meat Halal or Tayyab?
  • How should animals be reared and slaughtered?
  • Can we eat meat of the ‘People of the Book?

Zunaira Malik– Ethical Consumerism: 

  • How should we consume ethically and how do the choices we make affect the environment?
  • How can we be campaigners for a better world?

Professor El Gomati — The Muslim Contribution to Science

ISB CAMPUS is open to adults aged 17–26yrs.

Discounted tickets for ISB members only. Discount will finish on 28th September 2018

*pls note that this event finishes at 6-30pm, slightly later than advertised


Birmingham, B15 2TT

The speakers at the event are mazing – learn more about them!