Violent extremism and terrorism

We have always had a clear and unequivocal stance against terrorism and those who advocate violence in our midst. Islam has never condoned the taking of life in this way. It is unislamic.

Terrorists at home or abroad, and their supporters in our midst, have a lot to answer for. They have taken the lives of innocents, they have spread mistrust and suspicion, given implicit support to the voices of Islamophobes and bigots, not to mention the financial cost of their acts.

We support measures to tackle, prevent and stop terrorism, but are also critical of some of the initiatives and approaches that have been undertaken in this regard. Terrorism inspired by al-Qaeda can be best defeated in Britain by engaging and winning the support of local Muslim communities to help squeeze out the voices of violence and hatred. This requires using sensitively thought out approaches, language and tactics and ensuring that the civil liberties of our nation are not trampled upon.

(See our other statements on Jihad and Suicide bombing).