Volunteers Needed For COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Programme

Dear Friend.

The Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) are working in collaboration with a number of medical, faith and community organisations to support the NHS Trafford COVID-19 vaccination programme in conjunction with Trafford Council. We have particular concerns about its impact within the BAME communities.

We are now recruiting volunteers particularly from the communities living in North Trafford to support this work.

For Health & Safety reasons, we require all volunteers to complete a Covid-19 Risk Self-Assessment. This can be completed by clicking here.

Any person under 18 years but over 14 years can volunteer for the ISB Manchester COVID-19 response but they may have to be accompanied/supervised by an adult if the task involves engaging directly with vulnerable people. All volunteers will have to complete a brief online safeguarding awareness training – video and issued with an ID badge. We can also provide any youngster volunteering for more than 10 hours during this period with an official ISB Volunteering certificate recognising their contribution for their career development.

To register to volunteer please click here

Thank you for your support.