A letter to the people of Manchester

You are not alone. People of all faiths and none, all over Britain, are with you today, tomorrow and in the days to come. You are in our hearts. You are in our prayers.

The attack on some of your most innocent and vulnerable citizens has appalled us all.

Terrorism has no place in our society. No religion offers justification for such a barbaric attack.

We salute the great bravery and resilience that you have shown, which has served as an example for people right across the UK. Our emergency services have acted heroically, as have the ordinary citizens of Manchester – offering comfort, a bed for the night or a lift home to those in need. You have shown humanity at its best, at a time when you experienced it at its worst.

We hope you will continue to stand together at this difficult time. We will stand beside you. And together we will work together for peace, compassion, understanding and hope.

Signed by over 90 faith leaders from Manchester, across the country and France:

Bishop David Walker, Bishop of Manchester
Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Reform Judaism
Imam Irfan Chishti MBE, Manchester Central Mosque
Sughra Ahmed, Islamic Society of Britain

Sheikh Dr Munir Ahmed, Altrincham and Hale Muslim Association (AHMA)
Tahir Abbas, London School of Economics
Akeela Ahmed, Independent cross government working group on anti-Muslim hatred
Bhai Mohinder Singh Ahluwalia OBE KSG, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha & Nishkam Group of Organisations
Wasim Akhtar, Sunni Scholars Forum International
Yousif Al-Khoei OBE, Al-Khoei Foundation
Khalid Anis, Islamic Society of Britain, Manchester
Imam Qari Asim, British Scholars
Imam Qari Muhammad Asim MBE, Makkah Mosque, Leeds
Fred Ashmore, Kingston Quaker Centre
Arshad Ashraf, British Muslim TV
Ahmed Assal, Mosquée el Feth, France
Mohamed Assouna, Mosquée Assouna, France
Waqar Azmi OBE, Remembering Srebrenica
Hayyan Ayaz Bhabha, APPG on Islamophobia & Muslims in WW1
Nordine Boukhari, Mosquée As-Salam, France
Bradford Gurdwaras
Revd Pete Broadbent, Acting Bishop of London
Revd Margaret Cave, East Greenwich Team Church of England Ministry
Dr Deesha Chadha, Hindu Forum of Britain
Captain Nick Coke, Salvation Army
Jon Dal Din, Director for London Church Leaders
Don de Silva, Buddhist Chaplain
Malcolm M Deboo, President of Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe
Bhavesh Dharni, National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK)
Annabel Djalili, National Assembly of the Bahá’ís
Diane Dunlevey Asian Fire Service Association
Duncan Green, Archdeacon for Northolt
Karim El Ghachi, Association Autourdelafoi, France
Canon Giles Goddard, St John’s Church, London
Sameera Hanif, City Circle
Mustafa Field MBE, Faiths Forum for London
Rev Alexander Goldberg, Consultative Council of Jewish Organisations
Abdeslam Hannou, Mosquée el Badr, France
Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal MBE DL, Association of British Muslims
Imam Abdullah Hasan, Imams Against Domestic Violence
Bishop Paul Hendricks, Christian Muslim Forum
Marcus Hercules, Twelve Tribes of Israel, Manchester
Sheikh Mohammed al Hilli, Al Noor Trust
Dilwar Hussain, New Horizons in British Islam
Bouziane EL Jilali, Mosquée El Mohssinine, France
Sanjay Jagatia, Hindu Council UK
Revd Gareth Jones, Sheffield Methodist District
Vinod Kapashi, Mahavir Foundation
Dilowar Hussain Khan, London Muslim Centres Group
Rajnish Kashyap, Hindu Council UK
Dr Ed Kessler MBE, Woolf Institute
Barney Leith OBE, Faith Based Regeneration Network UK
Rémi Létoffé, The Collective of Mosques and Muslim Associations of Amiens, & The Collective Against Islamophobia in France (Amiens)
Rabbi Natan Levy, Strengthening Faith Institutions
Miriam Levine, Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation
Leonie Lewis, Jewish Volunteering Network
Mohammad Zahid Mahmood, Jamia & Al Noor Project
Laura Marks OBE, Nisa-Nashim Jewish and Muslim Women’s Network
Revd Paul Martin, Methodist District of Bolton and Rochdale
The Ven Luke Miller, Faith Sector Panel
Fr Gerard Mitchell, Parish Priest at St Anselm’s Church
Shaykh Michael Mumisa, Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge
Abdal Hakim Murad, Muslim Academic Trust
David Musgrave, London Methodist District
Aamer Naeem, Penny Appeal
Suleman Nagdi, Federation of Muslim Organisations
Sheikh Shahid Raza Naimi, British Muslim Forum
Syed Musa Naqvi, Manchester Council of Mosques & Jaffaria Islamic Centre
Dr Basharat Nazir, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Revd Dr Jonathan Pye, Methodist Church, Bristol District
Imam Umar Hayat Qadri, Suffah Foundation
Revd Kumar Rajagopalan, London Baptist Association
Rehan Rana, Al Hira Education Centre, Huddersfield
Riaz Ravat, St Philip’s Centre, Leicester
Maulana Shahid Raza, Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board
Maulana Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi, Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society
Rabbi Danny Rich, Liberal Judaism
Catriona Robertson, Christian Muslim Forum
Natubhai Shah, Jain Network
Mohammad Shahid, Jamia Masjid Ghausia
Bhai Sahib, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha & Nishkam Group of Organisations
Julie Siddiqi, Nisa-Nashim Jewish and Muslim Women’s Network
Gurmel Singh, Sikh Council UK
Jagtar Singh OBE, Asian Fire Service Association
Jasvir Singh OBE, Faiths Forum for London
Ravi Singh, Khalsa Aid
Resham Singh Sandhu MBE, Leicestershire Faith Forum & Sikh Welfare Cultural Society UK
Canon Steven Saxby, Churches Social Action
Koser Shah, Association of Muslim Lawyers
Talat Shaikh, Muslim Community & Education
Hujjatul Islam Sayed Musadaq Taqvi, representative of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Bashir Hussain Najafi
Ven Bogoda Seelawimala Thera, London Buddhist Vihara
Donnett Thomas, Power of the Living Word Ministries International
Amrick Singh Ubhi, Council of Sikh Gurdwaras Birmingham
Ben Walker, City Circle
Rev Dr Andrew Wingate OBE, St Michael’s, Lewes, Diocese of Chichester
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, Masorti Judaism
Debbie Young-Somers, Leo Baeck College
Imam Zahir, Al-Muzzamil Mosque, London

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