We Have a Friend in Jesus

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Jesus, may God grant him peace, is one of the most divisive characters in human history, yet he has the potential to be a source of healing for the world. 55% of the world’s population are either Christian or Muslim. They profoundly disagree about the nature of Christ’s birth, and his death. Yet can his life serve as a unifying bridge, a force for good, and a catalyst for change?

Taking up the narrative of Christ and engaging with Christians can help propel a message of social change and social justice, which is central and common to both traditions. “We have a friend in Jesus” – a very contemporary, and relevant friend, and one for whom we should publicly declare our love.


About the teacher:

Sarah Joseph is the editor and CEO of emel, a lifestyle magazine with subscribers in over 60 coutnries. A popular public speaker, she lectures across the world on a variety of themes. She is listed as one of Britain’s 100 most powerful Muslims by Carter Andersen, and one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims by Georgetown University in Washington.  She was awarded an OBE in 2004 for services to interfaith dialogue and the promotion of women’s rights. She lives in London with her husband and children.