Week 4 – The Big Issue

Donate now via JustgivingEvery year we raise money for ISB during Ramadan, but this year we want to share this with four mainstream UK charities – causes that do some amazing work and are giving tirelessly to help and support people at the most difficult times of their lives. See the charities we are supporting this Ramadan.

“I am delighted that the ISB has chosen The Big Issue Foundation to be one of the beneficiaries of this great initiative at Ramadan. We believe that in this day and age it is important for us all to challenge the stereotypes and preconceived notions that can so easily marginalise and exclude people form our diverse society. Charity does begin at home and, for the homeless, this is all the more pertinent. I welcome this extension of the tradition of sharing and selfless giving at such an important time in the Islamic calendar. Thank you.”

Stephen Robertson, CEO, The Big Issue Foundation

The Big Issue LogoThe Big Issue Foundation is a national charity which connects vendors with the vital support and solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives and journey away from homelessness. With nearly 100 people a week turning to the foundation for support, they need your help to continue to offer hope for the future. In these last few days of Ramadan, help give a person the opportunity to help themselves at a time of utter personal crisis. Read more on The Big Issue Foundation’s site.

Give the homeless a hand up, not a hand out.

Muslims sleep rough too. Will you just ignore them?

Richard recently converted to Islam, but without the help of The Big Issue Foundation, he probably would have been sleeping rough tonight.
Richard - The Big Issue Foundation
“I was working as a security guard and doing a HND in Engineering Design. But it was too much. I was working too hard and my marriage broke down.  I had a nervous breakdown, dropped out of work and college, and moved to London.  I had a delivery driver job for 8 months – until I had a crash on my bike and couldn’t work anymore.  For a while I drifted, first back to Wales, then to London again.  My life was out of control and I ended up in London, sleeping in St Martin’s night shelter.  I started selling The Big Issue and after four months I got a place in a hostel called Passage House and spent eight months there.  The Big Issue Foundation helped me get a new passport to use as ID. Then I moved into St Martin’s House in Clapham and started a course called Business Action on Homelessness (Ready for Work).”

“I had a passion for poetry and started writing.  My poems have been published in a book – Poems of a Welshman – I do hope you like them.”

“My inspiration is not only to help myself but others in my position, and I want to try and set up an advice service for other homeless and vulnerable people.  Eventually, I would like to get a secure tenancy and publish my poetry and autobiography.  When I’m settled, I’d like to make contact with my children. That will be the day when my life will begin again.”

Appreciative of the support he received from The Big Issue Foundation, Richard is currently taking part of the London Ride of Champions to raise money for the foundation.

Support people out of poverty and homelessness. Just £20 can help someone make a new start.