Why People Embrace Islam and Why Others Leave


Join the ISB on Saturday, 6th of June (15:00 – 16:15) to learn more about “Why people embrace Islam and why others leave“.

Batool Al Toma will be discussing:

  • What are the overarching reasons for why people embrace Islam?
  • Is there a common experience for many converts on their journeys and how can the Muslim community be more in tune with this?
  • Why do people leave Islam and are there any overarching common themes here?

Batool Al Toma is the founder and Director of the Convert Muslim Foundation. In her role as Director of the New Muslims Project at The Islamic Foundation in Markfield, Leicester, she established a UK based service related to the support, education, counselling and continued development of converts to Islam in Britain.

Chaired by Alex Darby

Join us via Zoom using these details:
Meeting ID: 159 272 173
Password: 014444