Be a Winter Friend

Winter Friends is an excellent initiative led by the NHS that touches on basic good neighbourliness, which is at the heart of faith teachings.

We encourage many to think about the initiative and sign the pledge. There are many ways to get involved.

According to the official website:

Five ways to be a Winter Friend

1) Set some time aside to drop in on an older neighbour or friend once a week – more often if the weather turns very cold.

2) Check their home is warm enough. The main living area should be around 21°C (70°F) and bedrooms should be 18°C (65°F). If they are worried about the costs of heating, check they are receiving their heating bill benefits, such as Winter Fuel Payment and Cold Weather Payment. If there are draughts you may be able to help plug them.

3) Food is a vital source of energy that helps keep us warm. Make sure the person you are looking in on is eating well and has some non-perishable foods in the cupboard that they can heat up in case they can’t leave the house for a few days. Tinned meals and soups are ideal.

4) Many older people take medicines and everyone over 65 should have a free flu jab. Ask if there is anything you can do to help – picking up a prescription or giving them a lift to their GP, for instance. And if you are unwell take real care not to pass it on.

5) It’s also important for people to keep active and get out if they can. Make sure the person you are helping has warm and grippy shoes and a good coat, hat and gloves. Offer to walk with them if they are not confident alone. If it snows clear the path to their door for them.

Julie Siddiqi, Executive Director says,

“This is such a FANTASTIC idea! Simple but so meaningful. I have been feeling so bad about this issue and thinking there must be more we can do together to help the most vulnerable this Winter. It is unacceptable for us all to be so busy being busy that people get forgotten. Thanks for doing this and encouraging us all to get involved. We are certainly spreading the word.”

Click below to sign the pledge and be a part of the action.