YMUK Update 2019

The Young Muslim UK is a national project that offers young people a safe space to develop and grow both
emotionally and spiritually. Through various engaging activities, young people 11-16 years of age develop
friendships as well as build on social and spiritual knowledge.
We’ve had a great 2019! We have had 30+ circles, that run every week during term time in Birmingham.
Some of the topics that we cover include Tahara (cleanliness), Intentions and Mindfulness.

Some of the highlights of this year have been:
A residential themed ‘Choose Your Character’ was a real hit. We had 100 young people take part, had 30
youth volunteers, with in-house catering done by the 304th Birmingham Muslim Scouts. The aim was for
children to develop their love of Islam, as well as learn new skills, gain confidence and make new friends!
Fun and engaging activities included bonfire, night games, entertainment, Qur’an and du’a memorisation,
discussions and reminders.

A family Iftaar was organised for 100 attendees during Ramadhan this year, in whicg attendees were able to
take a “Ramadhan Iftaar Box” kit for their Non-Muslim Neighbours.

A day trip to Woking Mosque on Thursday 29th August. The idea behind this was to find out about Muslim
heritage and history in the UK. Young people and their families thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are
looking forward to the next day trip.

A successful sponsored walk of Mount Snowdonia was also in August. Around 20 young people took part on
a very enjoyable climb. We’re hoping to have this as a regular event in our annual calendar. By the Grace of
Allah swt, we have raised over £1000 so far.

In the next year we are planning to expand the work that we do with young people, which includes more
skills-based learning that will be accredited, and more locally focused social action initiatives within our
local communities. A new website is under development that will help young people to download learning
resources and update them on events and activities.

If you would like your child to take part in our activities,
please send an email to: [email protected]
Nadim Taher – YM National In-Charge